9 French Country Lamps for Every Price Point

Okay, so I am a serious lamp snob.  To be fair, I’ve been burned in the past by lamp purchases I later regretted.  Haven’t we all done that though?  I see something I think is pretty cute at a great price in T.J. Maxx, Target, etc…and in the cart it goes.  Later, (like a few months later) I think I shouldn’t have jumped so quickly.  I should’ve looked around for the perfect French Country lamp.  I end up with a vanilla lamp rather than a double swirl sundae with sprinkles, chocolate chips, and whipped cream.

So today I thought we could go on a little journey looking at lamps that have style, have class, have sass.  Anyone else just randomly think of the Facts of Life and read that like Blair would have?  No?  I guess it’s just me.

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This lamp would totally be in Blair’s room.  It’s a fancy version of a French lamp.  A little less country and way more city.

12 French Country Farmhouse Lamps that will make the room. Looking for some ideas for lamps?

Chandelier Lamp           

This lamp with the Fleur De Lis just screams French Country.  A lamp like this would feel right at home on a sweet little accent chest by the back door.   

French Country Style Lamp with distressed detail.

Fleur De Lis Lamp                  

This is just a classic.  A gold candlestick lamp will stand the test of time.  It may never be the new trending thing, but it will always be welcome in a French Country home and will never look out of place.  Gorgeous.

French country style candlestick lamp for a good price. Finally found one that is pretty and not incredibly expensive.

Candlestick Lamp         

This next one is so on trend right now.  A little bit farmhouse and a little bit French Country.  I’m not going to lie, the shade is calling to me.  All of that beautiful texture will just pop in any room.

A turned leg lamp that actually comes with a great shade. I'm buying this one!

Turned Leg Lamp

I love this next little lamp because it is anything from plain.  You know how you see those puppies that are actually kind of ugly but they are so ugly they become just adorable?  That’s just how I feel about this lamp.  It has a lot going on for sure.  But all the details together make it have its own kind of charm.

Finally a French Country lamp that has some style and isn't through the roof expensive. This French Country lamp is actually affordable.

Glass Ball Lamp

These next two lamps are sold as a pair.  They are just timeless.  The shades…again, I guess I must have a total thing for shades.  Plus the black and tan mix just screams “forever cool” to me.

A pair of lamps that come with burlap shades for this price? Amazing! Great black candlestick lamps with the perfect textured shades.

 Black Candlestick Lamps

This next lamp I think is just so grown up.  She’s a sophisticated lady.  She’s the kind that knows what she likes and lives her truth no matter what is spiraling around in the world outside.  Too much personification for a lamp?  Yep.  I couldn’t help it.  She just looks like Chanel No. 5 to me.

What a glamorous French lamp. This lamp actually has style and the price isn't bad. Cute and affordable lamp? What could be better?

Carved Table Lamp

This lamp.  Sigh.  This lamp just owns me.  It’s a little pricey though, but it has me wondering how I can rearrange my budget to fit two of these into my bedroom.  Stop buying shoes?  Done!  I would gladly trade shoes for this lamp.  This lamp needs no explanation.

This is by far the cutest French Country Farmhouse lamp I have seen. I love the open shade and the candelabra lamp feel without it being fussy. Love!

Candelabrum Lamp

The shade on this lamp is so unique.  Put this one by your front door and everyone that walks in the house will stop and stare.  I would.  It would get all the attention for all the right reasons.

This is a serious statement piece lamp. I love the detail of the shade. For sure a great French Country Lamp with a unique style.                   Chicken Wire Lamp

So which lamp would you pick?  Do you have a favorite?

You know mine.  Now I just have to try to find a way to get two for my master bedroom before the big reveal.


This collection of French Country and Farmhouse lamps is gorgeous. There are so many great looking lamps in this collection at every price point. Some affordable and stylish lamps.


  1. Ronald Carrier

    August 17, 2016 at 6:29 am

    I like the chicken wire lamp. You saved the best fr last. LOL!

  2. Barbara

    August 17, 2016 at 8:23 am

    I would purchase the turned leg lamp! No doubt about it. Maybe the fleur de lis for a small table!

  3. KariAnne Wood

    August 17, 2016 at 10:14 am

    I love, love, LOVE number eight? Where has it been all my life?

    My living room called and wants its lamp back. 🙂

    Happy day friend!

  4. Leigh

    August 17, 2016 at 10:23 am

    I have two of the Candlestick Lamps in different sizes and I just love them. They are beautiful in person and the prices are excellent. Although I did change the lamp shade to fit my rooms.

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