A Kids Farmhouse Table Makeover

Okay…I’ve been keeping an amazing little project secret around here.  Back in April, while vacationing near Naples, FL, my mother-in-law and I ran across a gold mine of thrift store treasures.  This little table was one of the things I dug out for just $17!   I’m calling it a Kids Farmhouse Table.

This little table was down and out…literally.  It was buried under a desk with just a little bit of one of the chairs visible.   It was a little ragged and worn and had that famous Florida orange tinge to it’s complexion.  Believe me, this time of the year there’s a lot of that going on around here.

But being down and out isn’t the end.  There’s always a new beginning waiting right around the corner.  This little table underestimated itself, but I could see it was already a star just waiting to break through and take center stage.

Right now I’m having a little obsession with all the dance shows on television.  I’m always amazed these incredible dancers take the stage and hope they are good enough to go through.  As soon as they start dancing, it’s apparent they are more than good enough.  It seems we, as humans, always underestimate ourselves.

Feeling down and out?  A little ragged around the edges?  Sporting a not so great tan right now (is it something with age that suddenly my legs just don’t tan as fast as everywhere else)?

Your redeeming moment is right around the corner.

It’s never too late to re-imagine your future, your hair, your makeup, your wardrobe, your career, your house, your evenings.  Take your pick.  Challenge yourself to makeover something in your life…even if it is just your nightly skincare regimen.

So let this be a lesson…you can’t hold a good table down.  Have a fantastic day friends!


    July 4, 2017 at 9:19 pm

    Nancy, hope that you and your family had a fantastic 4th of July! We celebrated here and had a great time with our friends who winter in Texas with us! Always so fun! We all just love the U.S.A. and wish we could become Americans and live in Texas! We should have investigated this years ago when we first started wintering in Texas 15 years ago! We were the first ones and then friends came to visit us and fell in love with Texas — South Padre Island! We absolutely love it there!

    That table and chairs you rescued from the Thrift Store are just great! You always manage to get such neat things! There are certainly no bargains here in Canada like that — not even Garage Sales!

    Also, that “pallet” picture looks great on your wall! Nancy, you have so many wonderful ideas! Seems like everything you decide to do comes out looking so gorgeous! You are such a gifted lady! And, we so enjoy your blogs and DIYs!

    Have a great week! Blessings

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