My Favorites from 2017

Y’all…the struggle is real.  I have been having such a hard time getting myself in gear after the New Year!  Some of you have been so sweet to e-mail me and check on me…I’m fine if you don’t count lazy.  So today I thought I would delve into my favorite projects and posts from 2017 here on Slightly Coastal.  I know a lot of bloggers are posting Top 10 lists right now…but when I looked at mine I kinda went “meh”.

My top performer continues to be How To Make Your Own Beanbag Chairs.  I guess a lot of people sew bean bag chairs…who knew?

So instead, I decided to motivate myself by looking back at what I loved from this last year.  Here’s Nancy’s Top Ten Posts

Number 10

Easter Tablescape

I had so much fun putting this tablescape together and I will forever be a lover of classic blue and white.  This table was one of those times when everything I wanted to do just worked out.  Sometimes I run around trying to find the right look and struggle to find what I’m looking for.  Not this time…it all came together and felt easy.  Love it when that happens.

Number 9

DIY Moss Planters

I love a simple craft project and these were soooo easy.  I think moss anything should be a staple in anyone’s home decor stash.  The pop of green always seems to lend the perfect finishing touch to almost any table or vignette.

Number 8

One Room Challenge Week 4

I loved this one because it really shows the power of paint.  Every single item was transformed with paint and it was so much fun!!  I still love all of these pieces today.

Number 7

DIY Antique Pantry Door

This one was so satisfying because I feel like I had scoured the whole Earth looking for an 18″ wide antique door that I loved.  I never did find it and decided I was going to make my own.  This was one of those projects that turned out even better than I thought it would.  I love when that happens.

Number 6

Pallet Project: Console Table

I loved this project because adding a little pallet wood to the top completely changed this piece of furniture and the best part?  It didn’t cost a dime.  How could anything get better than that?  That is my kind of home DIY for sure.

Number 5

White Coastal Kitchen Reveal

This was a game-changer in my house this year.  The kitchen makeover was so low cost and so worth the effort.  This kitchen makes me happy now every day.  Would I love different countertops? Sure.  But brightening the cabinets and adding the backsplash made a huge difference.

Number 4

Shabby Chic Table Makeover

You know I love a good furniture makeover and this little Florentine table just makes me happy.  A quick little coat of white with a little gold peeking through just is perfection in my mind.

Number 3

Linen Ruffled Tablecloth

Sometimes I get a bee in my bonnet and decide I need to sew something.  Anything.  Just to sew something pretty for my house.  I’m getting that bug right now and can’t wait to show you what I’m up to.  But, last year I decided I needed one a ruffled linen tablecloth.  Pricey?  Not when you use apparel linen and sew it yourself.  🙂

Number 2

My Master Bedroom Christmas Tree

I loved the addition of this tree this year.  There’s something about the lightness of it that just made me happy. I was sad to see it packed up but I’m already dreaming about a different look for it next year.  It should be so fun.

Number 1

French Country Lamp Makeover

This might be my favorite makeover project of all time.  To be honest, when I bought this lamp for $8 it was soooo ugly.  I figured I didn’t have much to lose but I never in a million years thought it would become one of my most favorite home decor items.  I love it so so much.

This has been such a nice walk down memory lane.  Thanks for sharing it with me!  I appreciate you visiting my blog so much!  Y’all are the reason I share all of this.  I’m not a “pro” blogger.  I barely make enough money blogging to pay for the cost of hosting a web site.   I’m just a gal who loves to decorate and share what I’m up to with you.  Keepin’ it simple and keepin’ it real around here.

That said, I have big plans for this little space this year and goals for the blog and goals for my home.  I’m hopeful that 2018 is going to be the best year so far!

Have a fantastic day friends!


  1. Lauren@SimplyLKJ

    January 10, 2018 at 10:25 am

    Fabulous projects Nancy. But, that first pic has me longing for spring!
    Have a blessed day friend.

  2. Marilyn

    January 10, 2018 at 12:06 pm

    My girl friend and I can’t stop talking about all the cleaver ideas you keep coming up with. Keep up the good work for an exciting 2018!

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