Reader Round-Up: Fall Centerpieces

You guys!  I have some more fun fall centerpieces to share with you today!  Last week, I shared my dining room fall centerpiece and asked if anyone would like to submit their own fall centerpieces to be featured in my first ever reader round-up.  I’m so thrilled!

I know before I started my own blog, I was an avid reader of blogs and always wanted to share what I was up to too!  I’m so happy I had a few readers submit their centerpieces.  It was so fun to get their e-mails!

First up are the centerpiece photos I received from Donita.  She used fresh lemon branches and rosemary so it not only looks great but smells great too!  I love all the different pumpkins and I am such a sucker for moss.  I think moss elevates everything.  Whenever I feel like something is lacking, I add a little moss and it just seems to finish things off nicely.

Donita is in the process of publishing her own blog.  It will be called Champagne Wishes and DIY Dreams.  Doesn’t that sound like a great name?  I can’t wait until it launches!

Kathy sent me a photo of her sweet centerpiece.  I love the traditional styling of it and I can hardly believe she found everything she used at either thrift stores or second-hand stores.  The candlesticks are amazing!  Plus, the little hint of crystal that we can peek is just so lovely.  A beautiful crystal chandelier just adds so much.  Thanks for sharing it with us Kathy!

I want to thank these ladies for sending me their photos!  I know it can seem a little daunting to share what you are doing.  I get that.  Sometimes I hesitate before hitting the publish button.  But, I have to say, this is such a great community of readers.  Everyone here is so supportive and I know I appreciate you so much!  I always brag about you guys to the hubs saying I have the BEST readers in the world.

You know that saying about not remembering what people wore or said, but remembering how they made you feel?  I think decorating our homes goes along with that.  It’s not the color of pumpkins or the kind of candles.  It is that we made our homes feel welcoming and comforting and a place our families want to be.  The people we love may not remember the fall centerpiece of 2017, but they will remember how their heart felt when they walked into a house that feels like home.

We all love to come home.  Especially when it is filled with pumpkins and pretty candlesticks.  Thanks so much for sharing ladies!

Have a blessed weekend!